Recognition of Prior Learning

Recognition of Prior Learning

Students may be eligible for full or partial credits for Recognition of Prior Learning, depending on their existing relevant qualifications, general teaching or ESL (English as a Second Language ) teaching experience.

Our RPL program is an 'Assessment Only Pathway' ... this means that the onus is on you to provide supporting evidence of your competence, and TEACH International will assess your competence from the evidence provided. No tuition is provided.

How much RPL can I apply for?

  • You can claim RPL for as many Units as you can provide evidence for. If you submit appropriate evidence for all of the Units, and an assessor deems that the evidence meets the requirements, then RPL can be granted for the full qualification.
  • If you are granted RPL for just a few Units, then you will be advised to complete the Course without the need to undertake the Units for which RPL applies.
  • In some circumstances, RPL might be granted for parts of Units, or, some requirements of the Course may be waived or reduced. For example, an experienced teacher may have the Practice Teaching requirements of the Course reduced.

Preliminary Assessment

So that we can provide you with likely RPL Credits, you can download an RPL Self Assessment and Evidence Guide for the course or subjects that you are seeking RPL Credits for.

You will initially be required to also provide the following:

  1. Your CV / Resume
  2. Copies of your current qualifications (including the academic transcripts)


How You Are Assessed

Prior to enrolment, we can only estimate the likelihood of RPL Credits based on your preliminary submission. Whilst any offer of RPL Credits should stand...  we cannot GUARANTEE them until we have thoroughly assessed your evidence of competence.

  1. We will make a preliminary assessment based on your completed RPL Self Assessment and Evidence Guide to determine what Credits you may be entitled to.
  2. We will advise what RPL Credits are likely for you based on the preliminary information provided.

Once enrolled, the onus will be on you to provide sufficient evidence that will support a ‘Competent Assessment’ for the RPL Credits you are claiming.

Once enrolled your assigned assessor will apply the following ‘Rules of Evidence’ to the material that you provide:

Evidence MUST BE

  1. Valid – evidence must clearly align with the requirements of the unit being assessed
  2. Authentic – evidence must be authenticated as yours... also any third party testimonials and observations will be validated by your assessor
  3. Current – evidence must demonstrate your current level of skills and current industry requirements for the relevant unit being assessed
  4. Sufficient – enough evidence must be provided to support an assessment decision. Your assessor will advise if more is required

What Type of Evidence Will be Required?

Qualifications accredited under the AQF (Australian Qualifications Framework) are 'Competency Based'. This means that any evidence you provide MUST demonstrate that you are competent in the relevant Skills & Knowledge for the Unit that your are applying for, as well as Foundation Skills as they are applied to that same unit (i.e. learning, reading, writing, oral communication and numeracy).

Typically we require at least two (2) pieces of evidence for assessment for any competency that is being assessed, for example:

  • A verified Third Party Report from your current or previous supervisor stating that you are competence in what you are applying to be assessed for. (We can provide a template for this)
  • Actual verifiable examples of work / output that you have done that demonstrates your Skills & Knowledge of the subject being assessed.

Basically it is not sufficient for you, or someone else to just say that you can do something, you MUST provide actual evidence to support your submission.


What Happens If I Cannot Provide Evidence to Support RPL for Any Unit?

Occasionally our assessor may find a ‘Gap’ in your evidence. In this event they may assign you a task or request you to complete an assessment to fill that ‘evidence gap’.

All RPL Candidates are given FULL Access to the Student Portal which includes all Learning Resources and Assessment Tasks. So you may be requested to complete a task from the course to provide proper evidence of competence.

If more than 50% of the original RPL Credit assessment requires 'Gap' assessment you will required to pay the full tuition fee for those units affected.


To find out what RPL Credits you may be entitled to, you can complete and submit an RPL Self Assessment online now. Here you will be able to identify exactly what evidence you can provide to support your claim for RPL Credits. On receipt, we will get back to you with advice on what you maybe be able to credit along with a cost estimate.

REMEMBER: Any credits will be subject to you being able to provide sufficient evidence to support your claim of competence for that particular Unit / Subject. Good luck!


Here are some tips to assist you in completing your RPL Self Assessment:

1. Each unit that you select will open an evidence checklist for that unit
2. You can come back to the form later by Saving the Draft if you run out of time
3. Save the URL to your desktop or favorites so you can come back to the Self Assessment later
4. DO NOT click the Submit until you have completed your entire submission.
5. Clicking Submit will send what work you have done and will clear the form