Certificate in TESOL

Your TESOL certification is your passport not only to work, but to travel the world. Get Certified - Travel and Teach or Teach Online


Welcome to the world of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).

Over the past decade, the demand for qualified English teachers has grown tremendously. Overseas employers now seek people who have completed at least some basic training in teaching English and have an understanding of what is required once they enter a classroom or an online tutoring platform.


  • Work Online Teaching or Abroad For Short Stays

  • Perfect for Teaching and Tutoring Online

  • 24/7 access to your Student Portal

  • Complete All Online From a Mobile, Laptop or Tablet

Completely Online

This course is completed entirely online and will go through the fundamentals of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. This program works really well with a Bachelors or degree of any kind as it will open doors of opportunities.

Fast Tracked

This course is all self paced so no need to rush into things. You will be allocated 12 months to complete, though most people tend to complete in under 2 months due to the nature of the online learning platform.

Work Your Own Hours

Combining your degree with the Certification  in TESOL is one of the greatest ways to open up more opportunities abroad teaching.

Become an Online English Teacher

Complete the course and start teaching or tutoring English online to anyone around the world! Most graduates have success with students wanting to learn English from countries like Brazil, Germany and China.


Develop your skills and experience in tutoring English in reading, writing, pronunciation, and grammar. This course can be used to help gain employment as an English Tutor either online or overseas. It can be completed at your own pace through our Distance Learning delivery mode with the support of highly qualified and experienced TESOL Teachers (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) who will give you feedback on your work and support you through your studies.

The Teach International Certificate in TESOL is a nominal 120 hour of learning, comprising the following:

  • 60 hours  online theory Introduction to TESOL (Core)
  • 20 hours  Grammar (Core)
  • 40 hours Your choice of two x 20 hour Specialty Electives

We use the Communicative Method of language teaching which is currently recognised as the most appropriate way of promoting students’ listening and speaking abilities and our graduates are specifically trained to provide optimum opportunities for interaction and communication with their students.

Course Delivery

Delivery method: Online learning
Hours: Total hours = 120
Start dates: Weekly

Our learning model allows you to complete the course online at your own pace, while you build up real skills

Course Structure
Entry Requirements
What's Included


My certificates of TESOL and my diploma helped me get job, my visa and travel opportunity. Get out there and do it. The benefits are enormous and living in another country is very different to travelling through it. I’ve now made life long friends both with Koreans and other foreigners. Previous to this job I had been focussing on my ‘career’, but dreaming of when I would travel again. Now I don’t really feel like I am going to work at all and life changes every day.

-Emily Hardwick

The course was fantastic in preparation for my trip and ultimately my career abroad. The electives help prepare for different types of teaching that you may want to specialise in. Not only is it a ‘train-the-trainer’ type of course with teaching you how to teach, but it also teaches you people skills and communication skills that I found I used while I was travelling after I finished my teaching contracts.

- Kylie Watson

"I believe that being a learner of another language really helps to make you a better teacher. After finishing TESOL I was able to travel abroad and not only was I able to teach but also learn new languages, cultures and make amazing memories.”

- Ramon Paul

Welcome to the world of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). Cert in TESOL - Internationally Recognized Course