What is TESOL: Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Our courses will equip people for teaching English as a second language (ESL) or as a foreign language (EFL) in a variety of settings, which can range from situations in which there is a high degree of support (eg; prescribed syllabus or course materials) to the opposite where there is little or no support.

Our students will develop foundational  skills in:

  • Analysing tasks and texts to identify the kind of language used to achieve specific purposes
  • Common structural and linguistic features associated with a variety of text types
  • A variety of communicative transactions

Our students will develop advanced skills in:

  • Teaching duties including planning, delivery and assessment
  • Identifying learner’s needs and formulating them into learning goals
  • Developing syllabus and training programs

Qualified ESL & EFL teachers are be able to design training programs and original materials for any particular group of learners with interesting and engaging activities


We want to improve the English language and communication between the people of the world. We do this by giving them the ability to travel and teach English in over 80 different countries and it just so happens that this creates unbelievable English teachers and adventures.