5 Great Reasons to Teach English in China

There are many great reasons to teach English in China.  While Tony Robbins might be able to give a lot of good advice, take it from Donald Trump, in the 21st century it’s all about China, China, China!  What’s got the Don so tense?  Well, China not only has a Great Wall, but it has a great future ahead of it.  How’s your future looking?  Why not become a modern day Marco Polo, in the Middle Kingdom?

Here are 5 serious reasons to do a stint teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages in China.


  1. The China century.

    The growth of China in the 21st century is incomparable.  Recently in Hunan province, a 30-story hotel was erected in a record breaking 15 days!  While I wouldn’t want to stay there myself, such is the growth of China.  In 2013, China overtook the USA, as the world’s largest trading country.    For a Chinese person to be fluent in English and understand the culture of the west, is understood to be a fast track to success.  The opposite is also true.  It sounds like something out of a fortune cookie, Westerners who have spent time in China, have an understanding of Chinese culture, and their ways of doing things, will meet with opportunity for a long time to come.

  2. Develop a network.

    As the saying goes, “its not what you know, but who you know”.  For Chinese this concept is described in a word, Guanxi. The Chinese cultural concept of Guanxi, places an emphasis on ones’ network of personal relationships.  These relationships are highly valued and protected.  It is said that, “Your network of “relationships” is like a bank, “face” is the money, and “giving gifts” is the way in which you conduct your deposits and withdrawals.”   This concept is often seen when visiting groups of Chinese arrive, baring gifts, such as tea, or dolls, or other cultural display items.  Take a page from their playbook and have cute fluffy koala’s, kangaroos, or boomerangs to open your friendship “bank”, and watch your interest grow into life-long friendships, and business relationships.

  3. Food glorious food!

    As international cuisine goes, you have not eaten until you have gone out to eat in China.   The food is relatively inexpensive and plentiful, and overwhelmingly, loosen-your-belt good!  China has an amazing food culture, and each region has its own flavor to add to the story.  From the peppery spice of Sichuan province to the salty and sweet, precise cooking techniques of Jiangsu, and the six other regions of gastronomy, you will never grow tired of eating out.

  4. Redefine yourself.

    China is a whole new opportunity to break the mold, and transform oneself.   Look no further then the example of Shanghai, a city known for its ability to set trends, make international friends, and renew itself again and again. Today, beauty and charm coexist with kitsch and commercialism. From the colonial architecture of the former French Concession to the forest of cranes and the neon-lighted high-rises jutting above the city, Shanghai is a city of paradox and change.  Once known as the Paris of the East, for its opulence, Shanghai has risen to rival Hong Kong as a financial centre in Asia; a stint in China, be it in Shanghai, will certainly rev up your personal savoir-faire levels.

  5. Learn another language.

    In China there are five main language groups, of which Mandarin is the most widely spoken.  In fact it’s native speakers number more than English!  One billion people speak Mandarin, across China, Taiwan, and Singapore.  Living in China, it wont be long before you are greeting locals, catching a taxi, ordering a simple coffee and then a meal, asking directions, all without much effort.   Then start practicing what you teach your students, like keeping a learning diary, learning five new words a day, and you’ll be amazed at your progress when your stint is done.

There are many more reasons to experience living and working in the world’s most populous nation, perhaps you can think of a few of your own?  We’re always here to answer any questions, especially about the upcoming China jobs intake in August.  Drop us line, pick up the phone, or message us on Facebook. Check our some jobs now


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  1. TEACH on March 29, 2017 at 3:30 pm

    The food is one of my favorite parts of the Chinese culture, loved reading this article as it paints the picture of opportunity in China for us qualified TESOL teachers.

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