Language Tips: How to Communicate to Someone Who Doesn’t Understand English

Communication is the foundation for establishing relationships. It is hard how a society would function without being able to express emotions and feelings without a language. With  Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) you can teach English to people who can’t speak and understand the language. Here are some effective tips on how to talk to someone who doesn’t understand English.

 Speak Slowly

Slowing your speech down helps them understand. When people slow down, they begin to emphasise. Make more natural and clear when you speak.

Don’t shout

Don’t shout at the person your talking. Murmuring the same inappropriate words but louder is not going to make me any more likely to understand.

Don’t be Repetitive

Repeating what you say isn’t going to make any difference. Say it slowly. Say it loudly. If not, you need to come at it from another angle like an app, dictionary or some other language tools.

Use simple words

Simple is usually the best method because it will have a higher percentage of individuals that will be able to understand. Avoid using slang words. Simple phrases help overcome language barriers. Use basic English for them to understand.

Don’t criticise slow learning skills

You must help them learn but slam them may lead them to stop learning the language.  Help them boost their confidence and current performance in learning.

Teach properly

For them to be able to learn you need to teach them appropriately and adequately. It is much more appreciative if you show and interpret them correctly.  

Don’t laugh at someone you teach

Learners might feel uneasy if you laugh at them. Avoid laughing when they’re trying to learn the language.

 Listen Intently

Ask questions to make sure the other person is following and listening to you intently.

The practical way to overcome the language barrier is through practice. Depending on your language and the language you are learning, you may find out there are familiar words between the languages. Remember, we can always overcome language barriers. Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages is a very useful method in helping people to learn English Language. If you have any suggestions regarding the topic, you contact us and we’ll be glad to reach out for you!

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