Why Some Consider ELT as a Dream Job

What’s with English language Teaching that some people consider it as their dream job?

ELT has become popular in the last few years. But why it has becoming known globally? Even some think about it as their dream career. Maybe because through teaching English, you’ll earn more than just seeing your students eventually learn multiplex grammar rule, of which includes public speaking, time management, patience, and more.

With ELT being a diverse field, you can teach English in your home country as a second language, and even volunteer or find teaching jobs with pay in other countries. Your class can be large, small, or one-on-one with kids, teenagers, business professionals, and even adults. You are also given the choice of teaching core literacy skills to disadvantaged residents or formal classes in private and public schools.

The lingering question is, why English Language Teaching is deemed as a dream job? The simple answer to this is, why not? Not only it provides diverse job opportunities, but it also opens the whole world for those individuals who want to indulge themselves in English teaching. You get paid and at the same time, get to travel around the world.

There are two ways on how you can be involved in ELT. One is through volunteering if you are not yet sure if it is the career you really want. Spend a week or more in several countries where the demand for English teachers is high. Second is through finding English teaching jobs abroad which is the coolest way to earn money and travel across the globe. Manage your schedule by getting a couple classes and then have your time off spent on immersing yourself in discovering the tradition, culture, and the beauty of your location.


Consider that since you are entering another culture, your lifestyle should adapt to it which may include learning the native language. To make the adjusting easier, try countries that are most developed before going to countries that are less-travelled.

If you think you are ready to journey the English Language Teaching career path, brace yourself for the exciting adventures that are yet to come.

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